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July 8th, 2009 ·

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The Freedom Socialist Party stands in solidarity with the courageous
Iranian youth, women, workers, trade unionists and intellectuals who took
to the streets and engaged in work stoppages to challenge the
repressive Islamic regime, using the recent presidential elections as their
starting point.

For the majority of Iranian voters, the election was a choice between the
bad and the worst. In a theocracy such as Iran the ultimate power and
legitimacy of the regime rest not with the people, but with the clerics. Any
vote or governmental decision can be overturned by the Supreme Spiritual
Leader and the 12-man Council of Guardians which pre-approves all
candidates and has blessed President Ahmadinejad’s ostensible victory.

However, the president’s main challenger, Mir-Hossein Mousavi who
supposedly represents a “reformist faction” within the ruling regime
ordered the execution of thousands of progressives as prime minister
and should be on trial for mass murder. The conflict between Ahmadinejad
and Mousavi is sign of a deep rift among warring factions at the highest
levels of government that is being fought in the open and can no longer
be resolved internally. This deep division is the result of years of economic
and political crises since the birth of the Islamic Republic in 1979.

In this context, it does not go far enough to demand a new, “clean”
presidential election. What is needed is an entirely new, secular regime
where democratic rights are respected, including those of national
minorities; stoning is outlawed; persecution of women, young people and
gays who do not conform to the fundamentalist world view is banned; the
right of unionists to strike is protected; freedom of thought and political
affiliation are encouraged; and the vast wealth of the country is in the
hands of the working people who create it, not a free trade elite.

The days of the Islamic regime are numbered. If not this year,
sometime in the near future it will be overthrown by Iranian workers of
all nationalities and both sexes, just as they overthrew the despised
Shah in 1979. Women played a vanguard role in that revolution only to
be violently repressed by the Islamicists who seized control of the
anti-Shah movement. For 30 years women have suffered as second-
class citizens, but today they are proudly once again in the vanguard of the
movement for democratic freedoms. We hail their courage and stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with them as we did in 1979 (Iranian Women–
Vanguard of the World Revolution).

We are sickened by the reign of terror that has been unleashed
against protesters since the polls closed. We denounce the murder, brutal
beatings and mass arrests of demonstrators and call on the government
to put down its truncheons and lower its guns, disarm the Basiji militia and
order police and Revolutionary Guards to respect the rights of free speech
and assembly. Members of the militia and other armed forces which are
killing and maiming protestors must be tried for their crimes.

At the same time, the Freedom Socialist Party condemns U.S.
attempts to destabilize Iran through a covert operation authorized by
the Bush administration, funded by Congress to the tune of $400 million
and supported by President Obama. CIA backing for a Sunni fundamentalist
group called Jundallah (Soldiers of God) has already resulted in death and
injury inside Iran and is reminiscent of the support the CIA gave to the
Taliban in its early years.

The dangers confronting Iranian working people are real. The protest
movement must move–sooner rather than later–beyond the “reforms” of
Mousavi and reject any compromises offered by fake lovers of democracy
in imperialist ruling circles. What is needed is a revolutionary party
capable of leading the inspiring struggle for a new, free socialist Iran.

Down with the theocracy!
For freedom and socialism in Iran!
Freedom for women, gays and national minorities in Iran!
U.S. hands off Iran!

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