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August 6th, 2009

His Excellency Jalal Talabani


Republic of Iraq

Re: The attack on Ashraf City

Your Excellency Jalal Talebani,

As you are aware, and it has been shown on the electronic media, a mob including the security forces of Iraq, using heavy machinery and armaments attacked the Ashraf Township, where more than 3,500 members of Mojahedinm E Khalq Organization (MEK) have been stationed.

They resorted to firing and murdered a number of MEK members and injured a few hundred more.

During the dictatorial reign of Saddam, when similar methods were used against the Kurds and the other anti-dictatorial forces, you were outspoken in your criticism.  However, this time you have kept your silence about this criminal attack.  We are astonished that your Excellency presides over a country that would attack defenseless people.

President Talebani!

We are sure that you know that since 2003, the forces of Mojahedin (MEK) have been disarmed by the occupying powers of Iraq and specifically, the United States of America.  In addition, they have been recognized as the Prisoners Of War.

This year, after the Obama administration in an attempt to fulfill his election promises, handed over the control of Iraqi cities to the Iraqi forces.  Apparently the control of Ashraf City also came under the supervision of the Iraqi government.

The government of Iraq is duty bound to the undertaking of the international covenants, i.e. your Excellency as the president of Iraq is responsible for the lives of these refugees.

There are scores of international covenants and protocols about the rights of the refugees and of the Prisoners Of War that make the government of Iraq responsible to safeguard the health and welfare of these individuals and make you as the president of Iraq responsible for these undertakings.

 Mr. President,

We urge you to undertake the following:

-          Allow a relief team of Red Cross International to be stationed inside Ashraf to aid and attend on the injured people.

-          Permit the delegations of human rights monitoring agencies such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch, to enter the camp to visit and interview the injured and witnesses to the attack and to probe the circumstance of this incident.

-          The government of Iraq should secure their health and well being until the required facilities for free and safe transfer of refugees to a safe country is in place.

-          Considering the long history of human rights violation by Iran and her condemnation for 30 years by the international bodies, due to rampant use of execution and use of torture on political prisoners, the government of Iraq should avoid and stop any attempts of extraditing these refugees to Iran.


Rights and Democracy for Iran.





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