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Onward Iran!


The movement of the Iranian people for democracy and progress has leaped many strides from where it initially started. People have gained invaluable experience and matured in their confidence as they counter one of the most dreaded security regimes of the Middle East.

The massive public outcry in Iran to a crude election fraud caught the world public opinion by surprise. They assumed Iranians had become complacent in face of the so called “popular Ahmadinejad”, who was picked up by a western media outlet to win easily.  But they were not.  Iranians poured into the streets in the millions. Not only did they demand recounts, but they revealed the fraud, they persevered in their struggle, pursued their rights and defied orders that had no basis or legality.

They resisted, bore arrests and torture; they were killed, but did not remain silent. They got raped, but exposed the rapists; exposed the thread connecting these rapists to the rapes of “virgin girls” of 1980 s political prisoners.

Today, we have a movement which is driven by the knowledge of a very delicate battle on how to fight the enemy, how to neutralize the ill conceived intentions of those who had always stood against peoples right, but today are not with the oppressors. For every action and sacrifice they make, the women’s movement for equal rights gets momentum. The basis of misogyny has been shaken and now clerics are questioning the very methods this regime has been employing for 30 years. The regime’s validity is being questioned widely. Concepts like universal rights and abolishment of torture and execution in any form are getting currency.

 We urge upon you to support:

  •         The struggle of Iranian people for democracy and human rights
  •          The struggle of Iranian women for equal rights,
  •         Abolishing the system of sexual apartheid that discriminates against women’s rights.
  •          Unconditional release all political prisoners
  •         Trying the leaders of Islamic regime of Iran for crimes against humanity
  •         Denying international recognition of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  •         The establishment of an international tribune to investigate crimes committed in the past 30 years

Long live A Secular Iran!

Rights and Democracy for Iran (www.rdfi.org)





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