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"Minio", a young Iranian who was detained during the post-election repression, describes the humiliating experiences she went through at the hands of her jailers.

The last in a long list of complainants, an Iranian member of parliament has spoken out about the rape and torture of protesters detained following the 12 June election results. The unnamed Iranian MP, who worked on a committee charged with investigating prisoner abuse during the post-election repression, made the acknowledgment in a statement given last Thursday. "Raping of some detainees through baton and soda bottle has been proved to us," he was quoted as saying by the reformist parliamentary news website Parlemannews.ir. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei however blamed reformist politicians for focusing on prisoner abuse rather than the original "defacing of the system" by protesters.

Numerous accounts of prison abuse have emerged since some of the hundreds of people arrested in the repression were released. Even the most prominent cases have, however, been carefully refuted by the authorities. Findings from the investigative parliamentary committee in question are also expected to be unreliable - the majority of the committee members are members of Ahmadinejad's government, the minority, reformist politicians...


Minio’s account (we could not embed the video)  click on this link and see the video on Radio France 23 from Observer page

Translation: Omid Habibinia. Sub-titles and blurring: FRANCE 24. Minio’s voice has been altered in order to avoid her identification.


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