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Every time Ahmadinejad opens his mouth a hypocritical turd rolls out. It's not just his absurd rhetoric that causes damage to any group he tries to associate with, particularly the Palestinians, but the emptiness of it, much like the empty rhetoric of the Arab regimes.

    A day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took center stage as a critic of Israel at a UN conference in Geneva, the Palestinian Campaign for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) criticized Iran for business ties with Veolia Environment and Alstrom.

    According to the Tehran Times, the Tehran Municipality is involved in negotiations with Veolia Environment for the development of the city’s urban transport system. Alstom has a headquarters in Tehran and received a number of large contracts, including a €192 million contract with Iran's state railways in 1999 and a larger €375 million contract to supply 50 turbo compressors to Iran in 2002.

    The two firms are the investors behind the Citypass consortium that won a 2002 tender issued by Israeli authorities for a light rail line that connects Jerusalem to settlements in the occupied West Bank. The consortium is responsible for construction, operation and maintenance of the system for a 30-year period.

    ... Veolia and Alstom have already been targeted for boycott in countries across Europe. In 2006 the Dutch ASN Bank decided to exclude Veolia from its portfolio on account of the firm’s actions in occupied Jerusalem. In 2008, the company lost its bid to for a contract with Stockholm for eight years, worth €3.5 billion, partially due to a strong public sentiment against the company due to its involvement the Jerusalem rail project. Later, the Swedish national pension fund AP7 blacklisted Alstom, partially for its Jerusalem involvement. Less than a week ago Veolia lost a contract worth €750 million in Bordeaux, France after to pressure from pro-Palestine activists.

Funnily enough, these EU countries are the same ones whose diplomats melodramatically walked out on Ahmadinejad's anti-Israeli speech at Geneva. Funny, isn't it? Looks like the repressive theocracy can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. I wonder who really cares less about the Palestinians - Iran, or the Arab regimes?

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