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Earlier this year in the month of June, massive protests were staged by millions of people in two countries thousands of kilometers apart. In Honduras, the ousting of the left-leaning President Manuel Zelaya through a right-wing military coup was met with the widespread resistance of the masses and a brutal response from the military. Meanwhile in Iran, mass protests that initially began as opposition to suspected electoral fraud rapidly grew into pervasive resistance against the theocratic dictatorship.

We, youths and students active in solidarity with the popular resistance movements in both Latin America and the Middle East, are holding a discussion panel to draw links between the struggles of the Honduran and Iranian peoples against tyranny and oppression. While recognizing the differences between the two movements, we believe that the masses in Iran have as their allies the people of Latin America and vice versa. We hope to use this panel as an opportunity to educate ourselves and our communities about the struggles in two countries and to begin to lay the foundations for solidarity beyond ethnic or cultural identities.

Speakers will include:
Amir Hassanpour (Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto)
Karen Spring (Rights Action)
Donya Ziaee (York University Graduate)
Camilo Cahis (Hands off Venezuela / Bolivarian Circle of Louis Riel)






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