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November 9, 2009

After stressing to identify many protestors inside and outside Iran, Brigadier Masoud Jazaeri, the cultural deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces joint command, promised that they would be confronted “at the appropriate” time.

In a speech, published in pro-government Kayhan newspaper, Jazaeri mentions the protestsers who question the June presidential elections and who held another rally on November 4, and calls their act a “plot” and “American-British coup”, and says, “A large number of individuals involved in the plot have been identified till today and they will be confronted in time.”

He also stressed that, “despite being patient, the Islamic republic of Iran could not allow agents of regime change and soft coup to plot against it and if forced to, shall even create ‘serious challenges’ for the agents of the coup outside the country.” He did not elaborate what he meant by “serious challenges.”

It should be noted that during its first two decades of founding, the Islamic republic of Iran has been accused of numerous assassinations of prominent opposition figures outside Iran.

In his speech which was provided to Iran’s official media by the cultural deputy and defense propaganda of Iran’s joint command of the armed forces supreme command , Masoud Jazaeri also warned about what he called “negative propaganda and interference of Western media on the anniversary of the take over of the American embassy in Tehran, and accused them of “creating a fake atmosphere, encouraging and instigating a group of [Iranian] citizens” thus creating a situation whose “launching and ending were based on a loss-loss outcome.”

The threat by the brigadier of the armed forces regarding creating a serious challenge for the supporters of Iran’s green movement outside Iran takes place at a time when on November 4th, Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, the commander of Iran’s law enforcement forces had also made similar remarks a while ago and had stressed that, “law enforcement forces would seriously confront any steps taken to overthrow the regime,” and warned those outside Iran against ignoring the laws of the Islamic republic.

Ahmadi Moghadam had said that, “some political movements were after creating problems for the police because of its confrontation with saboteurs to establish peace and order. These individuals, inside and outside the country, are not mindful of the laws and want to hold rallies without legal permits while the police will carry out its legal duties.

But despite these implied threats of these two senior military and law enforcement authorities against protestors inside and outside Iran, they refrained from going into any further details.

But Basirat website, belonging to the political office of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) named 5 movements and a number of Iranians outside the country as “leaders of the green coup outside Iran.”

According to this website, parallel to the psychological war headquarters of the coup group inside Iran, a command center for foreign based activists began its propaganda and destructive activities with double intensity.”

Naming Five Groups Outside the Country Supporting the Green Movement
This IRGC website named Iranian “secular intellectuals,” “journalists,” “student activists,” “artists” as the four protesting movements after the June 2009 elections. It claimed that “pro-monarchists, infidels, veteran counter-revolutionaries, members of the Mojahedin Khalq organization and other counter-revolutionary groups constituted the fifth group as supporters of the green movement.

In the article, IRGC’s political office described each movement. According to this office the first group comprises “secular intellectuals who are fundamentally against religious rule and the Islamic governance and view the Islamic republic to be a paradoxical phenomenon.” The second group, in its view, is “reformist media journalists who ran media outlets during Khatami’s administration.”

This website names student activists who emigrated to the West in the last decade, “pro-monarchists” and other counter-revolutionary groups as the third block supporting the Green movement outside Iran.

The report on the website stresses the “support that these groups have provided to Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi - the main opposition leaders – before and after the June 12 contested presidential elections and claims that the “announced anti-revolutionary stances of these groups have never been repudiated by Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami as a result of which  one may conclude that the positions of these groups are the e positions of the domestic perpetrators of the Green coup, including Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami.”

According to the political office of the IRGC, “because the laws of the Islamic republic do not allow these groups [protesting candidates and the leaders of the Green movement] to openly express their views,” the foreign branches of these groups express their views under the secure protection provided to them by Western countries. This report names Shirin Ebadi, Mohsen Kadivar, Ataollah Mohajerani, Abdol-Karim Soroosh, Mohsen Sazegara, Mohsen Makhmalbaf as the key leaders of the Green movement outside Iran. It also says that the large number of Iranians who because of their beliefs and activities have not only supported the protest movement after the elections but also engaged in activities against the Islamic republic.

This report on the IRGC website names “personal weblogs, political websites and Internet social networks as the media that is “directed from outside the country.”



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