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November 17, 2009

Two years after the disappearance of Iran’s former defense minister, Alireza Asgari, Alef website, managed by the head of Majlis’ Strategic Research Center Ahmad Tavakoli, claimed that “a two-year investigation by responsible institutions” reveals that Asgari was “kidnapped” by foreign intelligence services and is currently in the Israeli custody.

The claim of kidnapping a senior Iranian military official is made while in the past two years, several Western sources have published reports about Asgari’s voluntary exit from the country, seeking refugee status in the United States.  Some sources had reported that, because of his familiarity with the Revolutionary Guards’ foreign operations, Asgari was the main source of information on the Syrian Al-Kabar nuclear facility, which was attacked in 2007 by Israel.

According to Alef’s report, Alireza Asgari “was kidnapped with the help of Mossad and the German and British intelligence agencies and eventually taken to Israel.”  

The concern of Iranian officials about Asgari’s presence in the West emanates from the fact that he has a great deal of information on Iran’s weapons programs and purchases.

In his latest report, the website Alef references reports in foreign media about Asgari’s disappearance: “The British intelligence agency was the first to manipulate the news of this disappearance, and American media quoted a source in the MI6 who claimed that Asgari had told the agency that large quantities of uranium were flown out of an airfield in Kisangen, Sudan to Iran.  These media sources claimed that the destination of the delivery was Natanz.”

Asgari’s Family Denies Refugee Reports
Last winter Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency staged an interview with Asgari’s family, including his wife, Ziba Ahmadi, who refuted reports that he had sought amnesty in the West, and claimed that Turkey was responsible for his disappearance.  Asgari’s wife said, “Mr. Asgari did not have a problem with the Iranian government to seek refugee status elsewhere.”

Responding to a question about official claims of Asgari’s retirement at the age of 43, Ahmadi said, “He himself asked for retirement.  He had been working since he was 18.”



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