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While political activists and journalists currently in prison continue to receive heavy sentences, dozens of student activists were arrested in the past three days.  According to official reports, more than 204 students were arrested on December 7, even though security forces had begun arresting students two weeks prior to the Student Day events.  Students continued to be arrested throughout yesterday.

According to Tehran’s police chief “165 men and 39 women” were arrested in Tehran on December 7.  General Azizollah Rajabzadeh did not reveal further details about the whereabouts or conditions of the detainees.  He also did not refer to the number of people arrested in other cities.  Prior to the Student Day on 16 Azar (December 7), the country’s attorney general had warned the families of those protesting the election result to restrain their children, as the families would not have “the right to be upset” if they are arrested.

Mohseni-Ezhei said, “In the post-election events, the judiciary showed restraint in confronting violators, but will not continue to do that after today.”  He also threatened that “Anyone who moves against and disrupts the regime’s order, rights and security will be severely confronted.”

Meanwhile, the public relations division of Tehran’s general and revolutionary courts announced verdicts for 22 individuals arrested after the election.  Without naming the individuals, the agency said that 18 of them were sentenced to between 4 months and 4.5 years prison terms, while 4 individuals were acquitted and several received monetary fines and lashes.

On the other hand, Alireza Avaei, head of the Tehran’s court system, announced that the final verdicts of several post-election detainees have been issued, some having been acquitted and some others fined.

He did not explain which individuals were acquitted and which others were fined.  In the past days and weeks, Ahmad Zeidabadi, Saeed Leilaz, Hengameh Shahidi, Behzad Nabavi, Masoud Bastani, Mohammad Ali Abtahi and several other politicians and journalists have been dealt strange and hefty sentences.




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