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Photos by Aulieh Sa'adatpour, Mehr News Agency, Isfahan

The historic Kamal Zourkhaneh in Isfahan's Sabzeh Meidan district, built during Qajar dynasty, has been demolished to be replaced by a commercial complex.

Zourkhaneh, literally meaning house of strength, is the Iranian national sport also called varzesh-e pahlavani (sport of heroes) or varzesh-e bastani (sport of ancients) played in an Iranian traditional gymnasium.

Zourkhaneh is not only a place where physical exercises are held but also one where chivalry is learned. The Zourkhaneh sportsman is first expected to be pure, truthful, good-tempered and then physically strong. Zourkhaneh and varzesh-e pahlavani have their roots in Iranian culture and date back at least 2000 years ago.

Kamal Zourkhaneh before demolition

Kamal Zourkhaneh after demolition

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