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For many years, we worked hand in hand with Yadollhah and that is why we wish to pay him tribute today. Yadollhah inspired respect through his simplicity and his conviction, for which he suffered repression, jail under the regimes of both the Shah and the Islamic republic, and finally exile.

He was involved in all battles to voice out and defend an independent and active trade union movement. Utill recently, he was active within the international alliance to foster closer relations and joint work with several trade union organisations, including the CGT. It is a great loss for all those who we had the honour to know this outstanding activist.

We want to assure his family, his friends and his comrades that, for the CGT, Yadollhah will remain an example and a symbol of the struggle for trade union freedom in Iran. The most fitting tribute to his memory will undoubtedly be to continue – as he would have wanted – his battle.

Yadollhah, you are, and will remain, in our memories as a prominent figure of the international trade union movement.

For the CGT of France
Jean-François COURBE
Paris, 9 February 2010


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