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The Baha'i community spoke out against “slanderous and demeaning” portrayal of Baha’i founders in a recent television series aired in Iran.

In their announcement, the Baha’i community maintains: “In view of the fact that in the international scene, Iran actively speaks out against any insult toward religious sanctities, production and broadcast of such a series by Iran’s State-backed media is shameful.”

They also add that this television program is part of a broader strategy which the Islamic Republic has been pursuing and expanding against Baha’ism. They claim Iranian media has been “openly fabricating” Baha’i history and teachings in order to spread “hate and suspicion” of Baha’is.

According to the Islamic Republic constitution, the rights of religious minorities such as Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians are officially recognized; however, Baha’is are not accepted as a religious minority.





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