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Toronto Announcement:

"Hunger Strike and Candle Vigil in Toronto, in Solidarity with Iranian Prisoners"

People of the World,

More than a month has passed since the fraudulent Iranian presidential election was orchestrated and backed by the coup d'état regime of Mahmood Ahmdi Nejad.

This display of intolerance and dictatorship was later followed by the bloody crackdown against the peaceful demonstrations of millions of Iranians who had poured into the streets to protest against the violation of one of their most basic rights as citizens of a republic: To select their own president fairly and democratically.

The illegitimate regime of Ahmadinejad has attempted to suppress this vibrant voice with its tools of fear and terror. Through the utilization of continued arrests, torture and the executions of students, politicians, activists and journalists, the regime has maintained its tentative grasp on power. We have seen how in the aftermath of the election these tactics have been escalating, without impunity in order to silence the people's call for freedom and democracy. Yet, the people of Iran are not relenting.

We, people of the world, are increasingly worried that this train of blood will eventually find its way to the doorsteps of every house and to the neighborhood of every protesting voice. We are afraid for the physical and mental well being of the tens of thousands imprisoned in the jails of this regime, and we fear for the lives of hundreds or perhaps thousands who may at any time receive their order of execution.

Consequently, we call upon the people of the world to dedicate one week, starting July 22nd, and including July 25th, the international day for solidarity with Iran, to solidarity with the people of Iran and especially its endangered political prisoners. We call upon every city in Iran, Canada and the rest of the world to join Toronto in organized daylong hunger strikes for the duration of this week. We also seriously encourage every other event throughout this week that is upheld in solidarity with Iranian people and prisoners.

We must let the world, and especially all the governments, NGOs, human rights organizations and specifically UN know that this inhumanity will stain irremovably on the history of humankind, like the holocaust, like the genocide in Rwanda or like any other display of monstrosity, if not reproached, discouraged and immediately stopped.

So join us in this week of Solidarity with Iran, wherever you are, whoever you are.


Time: July 25th, 3PM to July 26th 3PM (Hunger Strike and Candle Vigil)
Location: Toronto (to be announced)

Here's our contact info:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Some Notes about the strike:

+ The participants do not have to stay for the entire duration of the strike
+ If you plan to stay overnight please bring sleeping bags

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