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 Persian hip hop (or Iranian hip hop) is a style of hip hop which emerged in the 1990s. It is credited for inspiring contemporary Iranian music.

 Styles of Iranian Rap, from Wikepedia


There are many Iranian artists that can not be categorized into one style of rap. Artist such as Zed Bazi, Pishro, Erfan, Khashayar,Mohammad Bibak, Bahram and Hichkas  have all released songs that included party themes, gangster theme or social and political messages. Below is an attempt to expand on the genres of Iranian rap music.
 Popular Rap (Pop Rap)

This genre is mainly driven from Iranian pop music which is locally referred to as 6/8 clave. Some of the artist working on this type of rap music include Shahkar Binesh Pazhooh, Hossein Mokhte, Amir Tatalou, Hossein Tohi, Sasy Mankan and Shahin Felakat.
Social Rap

Ethical and social rap is one of the main genres with in rap music in Iran. This style of rap is also more accepted by the Iranian authorities as it usually does not include political messages. For example, after the release of a scandalous private sex tape of an Iranian actress (Zahra Amir Ebrahimi) that was taped without her knowledge, Yas recorded the song "CD Ro Beshkan" (Break the CD). In the song he discussed the incident and ask the population why there was such high interest in the demise of another person.

Iranian rappers like Erfan, Ghogha, Emziper, pishro, bahram, Salome] and others are also singing in ethical and social paradigms.
Gangster Rap

The concept of Gangster rap in Iran is different that American gangster rap,which includes artist that come from the city gangs across the United States such as cribs and bloods. Iranian rappers in this genre are more geared towards street life and toughness. There work include lyrics that are very direct in speaking the reality of the world. These artists include Zedbazi, Hichkas, bahram, hesam steps, Pishro, Eblis, Erfan, Babak Tighe. Quf and others.
Political Rap

Deev was the first person to rekindle Iranian rap with his song "Dasta Bala". The song was focused at pointing out the tyranny of the Iranian government and asking people to raise their fists in protest. The song was very well received and it breath new air into Iranian rap music. Other artist working in this genre include Bahram, Shahin Najafi, Deev and Erfan.

Bahram song "Nameyi Be Reyis Jomhour" (Letter to the President) well received. The song was critical of policies of Ahmadinejad and his government.

Shahin Najafi has released two studio album in this genre including Ma mard nistim and Illusion. His music was the most heaviest protest to the Iranian Government


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