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Many non-governmental organizations supporting children’s rights believe child abuse cases have increased at an alarming rate within the recent years. Experts see increasing poverty and a crisis in the family foundation as the main causes of the increasing trend. According to statistics published by the child protection organization Protecting the Rights of Children, in 1386, compared to previous year, child abuse increased by 3.5 percent. The statistics have been prepared by the society and are not a true reflection of the actual data on the overall condition of society. According to Saeed Madani, an expert on social issues, “in a study that was done in 1380 (2001) in Tehran, 31 percent of students in middle school had been molested sexually in some shape or form”. Similar studies in other cities have shown a larger percentage of various forms of abuses. Nevertheless, people active in this area believe that the collection of reports on all forms of child abuse is overshadowed by cultural and traditional barriers. In Iran there is not a steady or regulated program for reporting and data collection. Review shows an even larger incidence of child abuse among street children and child laborers and an increase in the population of these children is a confirmation of an increasing rate of child abuse cases. The chairman of the Child Protection Society announced on 31 Tir (July 21), in 1375 (1996) that 10 percent of children between ages 10 and 18 were employed. However, in 1385 (2006), the number had increased to 12.7 percent, which translated to 1,660,000 children.
Farshid Yazdani told ISNA: “considering population statistics and the number of students, presently there are 3,600,000 children who are outside of the school system”.
Source: ISNA

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