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Amir Fetanat, A savak Agent, Sending keramat Daneshian to his death, says Allamehzadeh Print E-mail

One more time the name of Amir Hossein Fetanat is raised as the Savak agent who sent Kermat Daneshian to his death squad. In his book, "A Hand in the Arts, an eye towards Politics", Reza Alamehzadeh, the Iranian famous director, one more time brings this up.

A Hand in the Arts, an eye towards Politics

Excerpts from a Translation of the Review of Reza Alameh-Zadeh’s New

By: shahram Mirian

Radio Farda

More than 80 books have been published in the "Prison Diary" category in the last three decades outside of Iran. It is less than a month that another book published with the title:
“A Hand in the Arts, an eye towards Politics”.

Reza Alameh-Zadeh’s, the prominent Iranian writer and filmmakers who lives in the Netherlands, has written the book. According to him, his main motivation in writing his prison memoirs, after being released from prison nearly 34 years ago, is, "a genuine desire to by the new generation to know political records of one of the most controversial political persecution cases in the last decade of Shah’s reign; and if I had not witnessed new, tampered evidence by the players of this case.”

Alameh-Zadeh, in the book "A Hand in the Arts, an eye towards Politics" talks about his arrest on September 1973. He explains his two heavy charges, and how he was interrogated and tortured, tried in the military court, given a death sentence commuted to life imprisonment, and then how, finally after five years in prison, released in November 1978.

In an interview with Radio Farda, Alameh-Zadeh talks about his two heavy charges and says: "I was told of two heavy charges of assassinating Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and taking the Queen of Iran, Farah Pahlavi, as hostage.


Abbas Smakar had connections to his other friends and told them about it while I was unaware of, and in fact all of them were connected to Savak. Abbas Smakar told another friend Teyfoor Batahi with whom he worked in Shiraz television, and he says it to another friend, Keramat Daneshian who lived in Shiraz.

Keramat Daneshain, without knowing that his close friend Amir Hossein Fatanat is a direct Savak agent, tells him of this. Even to the moment of his execution, Keramat Daneshian did not know that his friend Amir Hossein Fatanat, who had introduced himself as connected to the Peoples’ Fedayeen Guerrillas movement, is a direct Savak agent...After the revolution he ran away and now lives in Colombia...


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